Xequte Software screensavers

XClock Digital Clock Screen Saver  1.01  >>  Screensaver category : Other
Image of XClock Digital Clock Screen Saver
Freeware • Screensaver popularity: 5% Quick Download

XClock displays a very large glowing digital time display when your computer is idle. Advantages of this screen saver include optional flashing time separator (for each second) and slow movement around your screen to prevent burn in. It does not incorporate any advertising or spyware.

Amaze!  5.01  >>  Screensaver category : Art
Image of Amaze!
Free to Try • Screensaver popularity: 4% Quick Download

Amaze Image and Multimedia Screen Saver is designed to display your favorite set of images and Multimedia in an interesting and ever-changing fashion. Thumbnail support allows you to quickly select your desired images. These images can then be displayed using random transition effects and many other options which are selected at random to ensure you never tire of watching them. If you have Smart Pix Manager or EZ-Pix installed, Amaze! will automatically allow you to reconfigure your image selection within these viewing applications. Other Features: Icon in the Task bar system area allows quick configuration, disabling and running of the screen saver, Support for all common image formats including animated GIFs, JPEGs, PNG, etc., Support for background music using MP3, WAV, Midi and other sound files, Image previews and thumbnails make addition of images to your screen saver quick and easy, Automatic wallpaper changing features, Optional use image lists (bookmark files) created in Smart Pix Manager and EZ-Pix, Support for multiple sets of image lists, Supports password protection

Xanorama Panoramic Photo Screen Saver  1.0  >>  Screensaver category : Art
Image of Xanorama Panoramic Photo Screen Saver
Freeware • Screensaver popularity: 4% Quick Download

Xanorama Screen Saver displays a random panoramic photo (several are included, such as Paris by Night) whenever your computer is idle and slowly scrolls to display the full image. Options include stretching, speed and image changing frequency.


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