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Burning Words Screensaver  1.1  >>  Screensaver category : Special FX & 3D
Image of Burning Words BEST Award!
Freeware • Screensaver popularity: 8% Quick Download

Ever wondered how to be aimed at your goals all the time? Or, perhaps, are looking for ways to express your feelings? May be just want your friends to know what you`re thinking about? All this and much more is possible thanks to this Burning Words Screensaver and it`s free. You can enter any text and enjoy it being on fire while your computer takes a rest. Be creative and use this opportunity at your own pleasure.

Rainy Screen Saver  2.2  >>  Screensaver category : Special FX & 3D
Image of Rainy Screen Saver
Free to Try • Screensaver popularity: 3% Quick Download

Very realistic rain screensaver that will impress your friends and co-workers. Complex lighting and optic models were used to produce the look and feel of the rain flowing down the window glass. Realistic raindrops and occasional lightning strikes create unique rainy mood. Dozens of options and fantastic sound will keep you enjoying the screen saver forever.

Icy Christmas Screen Saver  1.0  >>  Screensaver category : Special FX & 3D
Image of Icy Christmas Screen Saver
Free to Try • Screensaver popularity: 1% Quick Download

Have you ever had your favorite Christmas scenes and winter wallpapers looking that great? Have they ever given you the feeling like standing in front of a frosty window and looking through it? No? You absolutely should try Icy Christmas Screensaver! This nice and entertaining screensaver produces realistic ice patterns over the desktop and wallpapers. Be it cold winter or summer hot the screensaver will bring tons of ice right to your desktop. Use it with your collection of Christmas scenes and winter wallpapers and you are guaranteed hours of excitement and relaxation. Do you enjoy winter and Christmas? Are you bored with summer and miss frosty days? You certainly need something cool, and... Icy Christmas Screensaver is right what you need. Don`t wait for Christmas! Admire and enjoy lively ice patterns growing over the Windows desktop, winter wallpapers or Christmas scenes today!


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