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PowerPoint Slide Show Converter  >>  Screensaver category : Other
Image of PowerPoint Slide Show Converter
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PowerPoint Slide Show Converter turns a presentation created with Microsoft PowerPoint into a self-running slide show application (executable file) or a screen saver that can be copied to any computer and will run on Windows 95, 98, Me, NT 4.0, 2000, XP and 2003 without requiring any additional program files. If you want to send someone your PowerPoint presentation, distribute it via the internet or through data CDs, the best way to ensure that everyoe can view your presentation (not only those who has the needed version of PowerPoint installed on their computers) is to convert to to a self-running slide show using PowerPoint Slide Show Converter. Does not require to have Microsoft PowerPoint installed, but if you do have Microsoft PowerPoint, you are able to use the Enhanced Mode which gives you additional possibilities. The Enhanced Mode conversion is a one-way process, the source .ppt file cannot be restored from the converted .exe file, so PowerPoint Slide Show Converter is also useful to protect PowerPoint presentations from unauthorized editing.

Easy 3D Creator  >>  Screensaver category : Special FX & 3D
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Free to Try • Screensaver popularity: 4% Quick Download

With Easy 3D Creator you can create stunning 3D screen savers in a few minutes with no programming. All you need is to set some parameters that determine your screen saver`s appearance and behaviour in step-by-step mode, seeing the result immediately. You can also use a wizard to make screen savers with your logos or photos with a few mouse clicks. The program can automatically wrap the screen saver into installer and prepare it for distribution. The program includes a collection of sample projects and media to use in your screen savers. With Easy 3D Creator you can earn money by selling shareware screen savers. Amaze your friends, promote your trade mark as well as get unlimited number of screen savers for your desktop and enjoy the process of making them!


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